Orner Law is a premier U.S. immigration and nationality firm.
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What Makes Us Different?

We’re not satisfied with providing exceptional client service. We want our client service to be the best. And that means taking the time to fully understand our clients’ problems, goals, struggles and triumphs. The best way to understand people is to listen to them. So when our clients talk, we listen. And then we work together to create a comprehensive immigration strategy tailored to serve our clients’ long-term interests. Here’s what else makes us stand out:

The Client Comes First Approach

We treat each of our clients like they are the most important client in our office. We make each client a priority by providing personalized attention and direct attorney-client contact. We strive to keep our clients up to date on the status of their case on a regular basis and return all phone calls and emails promptly. We notify clients before and after filing their case with the government, as well as upon receipt of any government notices. We provide each client with copies of their case file. We also take a proactive approach with our clients’ cases by following up with the appropriate government agencies to ensure timely adjudication and to resolve any post-filing issues.


You won’t worry that you should have asked additional questions, but didn’t feel comfortable doing so. We are completely accessible and approachable for clients regarding any queries, concerns or advice. We encourage our clients to raise any concerns they have during the immigration process. We would much rather have any problems or issues taken care of immediately rather than clients worrying unnecessarily. The only wrong question is the one you never asked.


If your case can be easily supported, we will tell you. If you want to try a novel approach that may or may not succeed, we will let you know up front what we think your chances of success are. If we think you don’t have enough evidence, we will help you come up with other types of supporting evidence and will let you know that you may receive a Request for Evidence from the government so that there are no surprises. We will share our experience with you so that you can make the best decisions related to your case.


This means understanding your concerns, the best way to address them, and the best way to alleviate any concerns the government may have so that your approval notice is the next thing we receive. It also means understanding how to best contact the government if your case processing is taking too long or if the government has made a mistake.

Creative Solutions

We think outside the box to produce creative strategies and solutions. We work as a team to explore all possible options with our clients and provide the recommendations that will result in the most favorable outcomes.

Maximum Predictability

Immigration law can be unpredictable because the regulations and procedures are constantly changing. We understand your desire to be able to control as many factors as possible. That’s why we charge flat fees for most of our work so that you benefit from maximum predictability and cost efficiency. We also work with you to set up a payment plan from the very beginning so that there are no surprises.

Simplified Approach to Complex Issues

We understand that immigrating to a new country can be one of the most stressful situations that you may encounter in your life. We work with you to make the process as easy as possible by explaining complex legal issues in a simple and straightforward manner and using our knowledge and experience to keep the process moving to a successful conclusion.

Comprehensive Immigration Knowledge

We focus exclusively on U.S. immigration law. Our narrow practice focus allows us to be familiar with all the relevant up-to-date issues and best approaches. We know the intricacies of the law, as well as the pitfalls, and we stay on top of significant developments in the field.